Enhancing healthcare through global education

Welcome to the website for the 4Hope Institute. Please see below for some basic information.

Mission Statement

To provide health care educational tools for global schools with limited resources. 4HOPE was founded on the premise that optimal improvement in global health care is done through the open dissemination of information to those who need it. We believe that open source education is one way to directly improve the quality of health care provided in areas with limited resources. We also recognize that in order to provide this education we must develop systems to help effectively disseminate the information in ways that are accessible to a variety of learning settings and language One our founding goals is a database of short teaching videos, translated into a variety of languages, which can be used by nonprofits, missions and schools with limited resources. Our videos are produced using creative commons and the files are small enough to be downloaded or streamed via the web. The content is vetted at multiple levels, including by faculty who are trained in the content produced; we also always strive to use World Health Organization standards and produce content that is applicable to limited resource learning settings.

Team Members

Ron Torline

Dr. Torline is the founder of 4Hope. An anesthesiologist by trade at the University of Kansas Medical Center, his work on medical missions in the Democratic Republic of Congo helped cultivate his passion for medical education in limited resource settings. It was there that local health care educators alerted him to the continued need for up to date medical education which could be accessed without a continuous internet connection. Dr. Torline has decided to take on the ambitious project of improving the curricular options for schools like these by developing an organization that both creates educational tools that can be accessed remotely and connects them with other organizations who also wish to disseminate their materials and technology to remote locations. connecting them with educational tools that can be accessed remotely. Dr. Torline believes in open source education and strives to ensure that every school, no matter how small or how remote should have access to equal resources.

Frances Grimstad

A ObGyn resident at the University of Kansas, Dr. Grimstad has a strong passion for improving the health care of communities both locallyand abroad by providing culturally competent care. She has experience working in a variety of nations including Rwanda and India. Upon returning from her last trip in Rwanda she met Dr. Torline who had recently founded 4Hope, was immediately drawn to its mission and is currently spearheading the development of the lecture database. Dr. Grimstad believes in empowering the communities with which she works, and is committed to cultivating locally sustainable health care systems in developing countries.

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“When given the choice between making a profit and a difference, we will make a difference.”